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Ofsted rated Outstanding - May 2017

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At Rosebery we strive to inspire and support every member of our community to achieve excellence through a love of learning, and a desire to succeed. We challenge ourselves to continually improve and understand that endeavour and effort are central to meeting the highest of expectations.

We are committed to creating a happy, purposeful and secure environment which provides the opportunity for all to develop and grow; to build confidence and self-belief; and to be enriched and stimulated so that we can all contribute significantly and positively to the Rosebery community and beyond.

Our values are encapsulated in the Rosebery Way which we encourage all members of our community to follow every day:

  1. All members of our community are shown the level of respect and kindness that we would expect for a member of our family.

  2. High expectations are never set by creating a fear of failure; they are set by demonstrating belief in each other’s ability to achieve.

  3. Members of our community who do not meet our expectations are supported to help them to do so.

  4. We never ask anyone to do anything that we would not be prepared to do ourselves.

  5. We act with integrity by doing the right thing whether or not anyone is watching.
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We believe that every child in our schools can achieve the highest academic standards whilst enjoying a vibrant, challenging and rich curriculum. Whilst operating as a part of a family, each school exists in its own right maintaining its own unique characteristics and individual identity. Each of our 30 schools serves to meet the needs of its own local community yet all are united in their core purpose of providing an outstanding educational experience. When we say outstanding, we mean this in the traditional definition of the word synonymous with excellent or marvellous or magnificent or terrific or first-class or fine or wonderful or superb or exceptional

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Whitehorse Drive, Epsom, Surrey KT18 7NQ

Rosebery School

Rosebery School, Whitehorse Drive, Epsom, Surrey KT18 7NQ

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